Lake Eyre

  • Flinders Ranges
  • Marree “Ghan Town”
  • Madigan Gulf
  • Jackboot Bay
  • Silcrete Island
  • Dulhunty Island
  • Warburton Groove
  • William Creek Hotel
  • Painted Hills
  • Olympic Dam Mine
  • Wilpena Pound
  • Jeff Morgan Gallery

Mildura is a perfect departure point for Lake Eyre, easy access from all Australian Capital Cities with direct flights from Melbourne, Sydney & Adelaide.

Lake Eyre 2019 Exclusive tour



Day 1:


Lake Eyre water level 2019 is expected to create the biggest flood for decades.

Join us on an exclusive private tour in one of our brand-new Cessna aircraft featuring high wing design for fantastic photographs.


Departing Mildura our track takes us over the stunning Flinders Ranges to Marree which is located at the junction of the Birdsville and Oodnadatta tracks.


We have lunch at the Marree Hotel, which also has an interesting Tom Kruse Museum. After lunch we take a stroll around the town, the Museum Park opposite the hotel has a collection of memorabilia right in the town centre, including an old mail truck in which Tom Kruse used for many years to take the mail from Marree to Birdsville. Check out the time on the Camel sundial made from old railway sleepers!


Marree is home to Australia’s first mosque, which was made of mud brick and built by the Afghan cameleers, employed building the Ghan Railway. Descendants of those Afghan cameleers, who helped to build the Overland Telegraph and the Ghan railway line, still live in town today.

Leaving Marree we head for Lake Eyre – Kati Thanda. You will probably see more of Lake Eyre than any other tour. Lake Eyre South, Madigan Gulf, Jackboot Bay, Silcrete Island, Belt Bay, and Dulhunty Island we then track up the Warburton Groove. The amazing ever-changing colours are fantastic; you will have plenty of opportunity to take great photos. Your Pilot will assist by positioning the aircraft for the best views.

Our overnight stop is at William Creek, featured in the movie “Last Cab to Darwin” With a population of just ten, William Creek is one of the smallest towns in Australia and situated on the world’s largest working cattle station, Anna Creek Station.

The William Creek Hotel is one of Australia’s iconic outback pubs dating back to 1887.

Accommodation is in modern cabins with ensuite, continental breakfast is included.


Day 2:


Departing William Creek, we track southwest for the “Painted Hills” an amazing sight from the air, with vivid ochre markings, emerging suddenly from the flat desert landscape.

Millions of years ago the hills, which consist of highly ironized sandstone, are believed to have formed the shoreline of an inland sea. When they were exposed erosion started and the iron came to the surface in the dramatic display of colours which can be seen today.

We track past Olympic Dam Mine, where the Artesian Bore ponds reflect great colours for aerial photos, Andamooka Opal Mining town and over Lake Torrens for Wilpena Pound.

This extraordinary landscape is 800 million years old. Millions of years of erosion have created the natural amphitheatre, surrounded by ancient mountain ranges.

We land at Hawker for lunch where you will be picked up in a Rolls Royce to see the fabulous Jeff Morgan gallery. The gallery has some fantastic panoramas including the amazing 360° Painting of Wilpena Pound.

From Hawker our flight back to Mildura takes us over the Barrier Ranges into New South Wales, past Lake Victoria, over the Darling River anabranch and the Murray Darling Junction.

$2495 pp including accommodation & meals, phone Larry 0419 577 431 for more information. Variation to itinerary and custom tours available.