Flight training

Flight Training

We offer flight training for Private and Commercial Pilot Licences as well as advanced training including: Night VFR, Instrument, Multi- Engine and Instructor Ratings.

We also have a Cessna 200 series course designed specifically for new CPL holders to assist them gaining employment in remote areas.

Cessna 200 Series course.


This 4- day course includes 10 hours command time on Cessna 206, remote area navigation and Pilot Maintenance training and certification, including oil & filter changing, repair and replace tyres, checking and replacing spark plugs and more.

The course is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills that are required by aviation employers in the outback.

The ground theory training for the Cessna 206 includes comprehensive briefings on systems and limitations. An engineering, data and performance questionnaire for the aircraft will be completed with an instructor to ensure thorough knowledge with emphasis on both systems and performance.

The flying component includes 2 hours of dual training during which time you will learn to handle the aircraft in normal and simulated emergency situations. This is followed by 10 hours command time that is structured to give you practice and experience flying in remote areas, operating from short dirt strips at high density altitudes. The flying will use scenarios simulating outback charter operations.

The engineering training and assessment is carried out by a Licenced Aviation Maintenance Engineer, upon successful completion of the course you will receive certification of your competency to perform these tasks.

We provide training for aircraft maintenance procedures included in CAR 42zc.

  • Legal requirements for performing repairs and maintenance to an aircraft
  • Certification required for work carried out
  • Removal of main & nose wheels
  • Removal of tyres
  • Repair & replacement of tubes
  • Inspection and servicing of wheel bearings
  • Removal and refitting of spark plugs
  • Cleaning and setting Spark plug gaps
  • Battery replacement
  • 50 hourly inspection
  • Replacement of safety wiring
  • The course also includes practical advice on gaining employment in the Outback with information on what perspective employers are looking for
  • The cost of the course is $4990 including GST

There is a wide range of accommodation options, assistance in booking is available