Day Tours


Flight time approximately two hours from Mildura, Wilpena Pound lies in the heart of the Flinders Ranges and is a remarkable natural amphitheatre covering nearly 8000 hectares. Our aircraft will fly around the pound presenting great photo opportunities.

We land at nearby Hawker, home to Jeff Morgan Gallery where you will be amazed by his enormous paintings including a 30 metre Wilpena Pound Panorama and the recently finished (26th May 2017) 46 metre Arkaroola Panorama.

After lunch, we fly back to Mildura, bush walking in the ranges can be arranged if required.

$995 per person (min 2)

In the late 1800s Wilpena Pound was used for breeding horses. In 1900 the Hill family took lease of the pound and began a wheat farm, they continued farming there until the 1914 drought ended in December with a terrific downpour that flooded the gorge and swept their road away. The uncertainty and cost of rebuilding was too great for them to try again.


A very unique experience, I am sure that you will find White Cliffs is like no other town that you have ever visited.

Opals were first discovered here in 1884 by a couple of Roo shooters; at its peak White Cliffs had over two thousand miners in the town. Today it has a population of around one hundred people mostly living underground to escape the extreme summer heat. You will probably wonder why anyone would ever live here but you are sure to meet some interesting people. Well worth a visit.
$795 per person (min 2)


Burke and Wills Camp 65 located on the banks of the Cooper Creek. The Burke & Wills Expedition is a fascinating part of Australian history, a tale of great courage, endurance and tragedy. The Dig Tree marks the stockade Depot Camp 65. The tree was carved with “B LXV” on the creek side, this carving is still partially visible today over one hundred and fifty years later. Burke, Wills, Gray and King set off for the Gulf of Carpentaria asking the other men to wait for 3 months for their return. After 18 weeks at Camp 65 they had come to believe that Burke would never return. Before leaving they buried some provisions in case Burke did return, and carved a message on a tree to mark the spot. “Dig 3FT NW” They left Cooper Creek on the morning of Sunday, 21st April 1861. Burke, Wills and King returned to camp that same evening!

We land only a few hundred metres from the Dig Tree, take time to enjoy the serenity of this beautiful spot, learn more about the expedition and take some photos that you will treasure forever.

Lunch at Innamincka before return flight to Mildura.
$1645 per person (min 2)


Only a short flight south from Mildura are the Pink Lakes at Murray-Sunset National Park. Lake Crosbie, Lake Kenyon, Lake Becking & Lake Hardy.

Mother nature turning up the saturation to create this stunning pink hue.

$245 per person (min 2)

Dunaliella algae is often quoted as the cause of these amazing ever-changing colours, but new research reveals it is bacteria, not micro algae, which are responsible for Australia’s pink lakes.

A bacterium called Salinibacter ruber, a salt-loving halophile which also produces red pigments. Dunaliella alga is present but it’s not the dominant organism by any means. Genetic sequencing confirms that it is the bacterium that is the real reason the lakes are pink.